Twinings Superblends Heartea Blackcurrant, Rosemary, Honey and Hibiscus


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Blackcurrant and Honey flavoured infusion with Rosemary, Hibiscus and added Thiamin. 20 Teabags.

Your heart carries you each step of the way. Don’t skip a beat, pour out your Heartea and sip to your hearts content.

+(Vitamin B1) Thiamin contributes to normal heart function. Enjoy at least 1 cup a day as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What does it taste like?
Sweet, floral honey notes compliment the juicy blackcurrant flavour and subtle tartness of the hibiscus. The hint of rosemary adds a woody savoury taste, delivering a perfectly balanced blend which is naturally caffeine free.


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